Harn Standing Bear Inn

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The bustling and famous Standing Bear Inn located in Olokand, kingdom of Kaldor.

This is one of several "Location Modules" for the Hârn fantasy setting. For other modules, see Hârn Modules.

Standing Bear Inn

The Standing Bear Inn is a "Location Module" for the Foundry VTT system. It is designed to depict the Standing Bear Inn in the city of Olokand, kingdom of Kaldor, on the island of Hârn in the HârnWorld fantasy setting; however, this Inn could be adapted to exist anywhere in any fantasy setting.

This module was designed for use with the HârnMaster system, but is mostly system agnostic so it can be used with any system (except the Actors, which are specific to the HârnMaster system).

Note: Some scenes in this module have been designed to work with the Multilevel Tokens module, but this module is not required.


Writers: Rob Barnes, Kerry Mould

Artist: Richard Luschek

Plans: Kerry Mould

Editing and Layout: Brent Bailey

Conversion to Foundry VTT: Tom Rodriguez, Stephen Cooper

This module is a fan-written expension of Olokand (COL #5618).

The original article for this module can be found on at The Standing Bear Inn.

The characters in this module are taken from “Friends, Foes, and Followers, Part 16 Standing Bear Inn” on (, by Kerry Mould and Rob Barnes, with illustrations by Richard Luscheck (sponsored by Rob Barnes and Patrick Nilsson).

Some of the scenes in this module include assets from Forgotten Adventures, used with permission.

This module is "Fanon", a derivative work of copyrighted material by Columbia Games Inc. and N. Robin Crossby.

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