Card Hand Mini Toolbar

Latest version1.5.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core12
Last updated3 weeks ago
Created1 year ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
Project source Project URL

A module to display a players hand of cards on the screen in a small toolbar.

The Module will display a single hand toolbar in the bottom right corner by default. Clicking the gear icon '⚙' will allow the user to select from the list of hands they have permission to use.

The toolbar has buttons to draw cards, pass cards, or show hand window.

If the toolbars are in the way the arrow at the top will hide/show all the hands displayed.

Left clicking a card will pull up the play card dialog.

Right clicking a card will flip the card to it's back.

Right clicking 'Pass Cards' Button - Resets cards back to original deck

Right clicking gear icon '⚙' - Resets hand and player settings for this toobar

Dragging and dropping can be used to drop cards between toolbars or back and forth from the deck/hand/pile windows.

Settings and Game Master Usage

Advanced options are available to display up to 10 hands and their titles making the module more useful for a GM to track everyones hands. This is a per user setting.

Display Hand Name

Shows the hand name above each toolbar with the player name and hand name. Useful for GMs but can also be set individually by players.

Better Chat Messages

Includes card image, card name and description (if flipped to it's face else 'Hidden') when a card is played

No Messages

By Default the toolbar disables the default foundry messages to chat. This can be re-enabled in the module settings.

Face Up Mode

Always displays the card in the toolbar face up and disables right clicking cards to flip. This is more useful for 'token' management when tokens backs are the same as their fronts or flipping doesn't make sense.

Position Selection

Selecting position will change the location for all users. Currently three options to positions along the bottom of the screen.

Player Selection

Clicking the gear icon '⚙' as the GM allows for player selection. This selection will match what the player has selected (first hand only) or will change based on the GMs hand selection. If the player selects a different hand that will also be reflected. The Title will contain both the players name and the hand name: "Player Name (Hand Name)". Also gives the player color aura around the toolbar.

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