Footsteps of Otari

Latest version2.0.2
Minimum Core9.0
Compatible Core9.0
Last updated3 weeks ago
Created1 year ago
Systems Pf2e
Dependencies Pathfinder Second Edition
Project source Project URL

With this module the GM can add an animation of a ghostly image and its foot prints as it makes its way though the dungeon.
It also contains additional assets, tokens and maps for the premium content release of the Abomination vaults adventure path by Paizo.

There are Journals for the NPC Map handouts for all levels , the other assets you can find in the /artwork directory.

Map assets and artwork by Forgotten Adventures,
Vollok token inspired by and derived from artwork by Greg Bruni,

a mossy skull

Ghost Trail Animations

A Dynamically controlled particle system for the GM to play an animation of the ghost's path in AV.

To use: Add the Macro "Open Footsteps Control" from the Footsteps of Otari Macro folder.

Click on it to open the floating control window. In the premium module, if you haven't modified the MapIDs it will auto-detect the path to play.
For community content you will have to choose the version/level yourself.

Use play/pause/speed control on the animation, or scrub with the timeline


NPC Map Journals

Journal Handouts for maps that can be provided by NPCs

Boss Skrawg – Inspired by DMSteve,
a crude map

Graulgust's Sketch

a rough sketch

Volluk’s Desk - blueprints of levels 1-3

blueprints of levels 1-3



Top down tokens for these NPCs: C1-Augrael, D8-Volluk, and D9-LasdaVenkervale
token images for volluk, augrael, and vasda
Hazard tokens for the BrownMold(B20) and Hall of Hatred(B29)
cracked earth, a skull, a monster, a wave, fire and brown mold

Area Map for Wrin’s Wonders

a tent surrounded by standing stones near a river bank

version 1.1 Update

  • Added a journal for Chafkem's drawing of the arena level
  • added a Scene containing Urevian's Maps of lvls 5-7
  • fixed scene thumbnails in compendium's
  • renamed the 1st blueprents scene to "Volluk's Blueprints"
  • Made secret door marker more obvious on all blueprints

version 1.2.1 Update

  • Added journals and scenes for the Drow maps
  • Added  journals and scenes for the Caligni maps

version 2.0 Update

  • V10 Compatible

version 2.0.1 Update

  • adds high res scenes (200px) for Odd Stories: Exterior, Ground Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor
  • add journal for descriptions for rooms in Odds Scenes (keep ID's when you import)
  •  fixed manifest that didn't include scenes and journals in last release.
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