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Compatible Core11
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Created1 year ago
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A system agnostic way of exporting FoundryVTT Journal entries to HTML for printing or generating a PDF.

Setup and use

  • Enable the module
  • On Text Journal Entries, click on the print icon
  • A pop up will appear with the Journal content in
  • Print the page and choose Destination as Print to PDF

Print Icon Example

Print Icon Example


If you are viewing pages in the View Multiple Pages journal view then all text type pages will be exported.

If you are viewing single pages then only that page will print.

By default, the output will look like this

Standard Example

Remove images on background

Removes the background images leaving you with a white background.

Remove Background Example

Add custom CSS

This allows you to set override CSS rules for the final export. You may need to set the !important attribute on your rules for them to take effect.

e.g. body { background-color: red !important; } will give the following look.

Custom CSS Example


Key things this module changes on export

  • Tries to correctly link any images in CSS and HTML
  • Replaces any @UUID links with the label in them


There most definitely will be layout issues and broken links. Please ensure you send the following with any bug report

  1. A screenshot of the output if any is generated
  2. A screenshot the the content in the Journal view
  3. The HTML of the Journal causing issues
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