Elevation Ruler

Latest version0.8.12
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core11.315
Last updated1 month ago
Created2 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
Dependencies libWrapper
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Elevation can be changed while using the ruler (default: '[' to increment and ']' to decrement). The distance calculation updates based on the distance measured, assuming a straight line in three dimensions between origin and destination, taking into account elevation change. If you add a waypoint, elevation will be tracked at each waypoint. If you choose to move the origin token (by hitting spacebar) after measuring, the token elevation will be updated along each waypoint.

Token Ruler

As of version 0.7.4, an option in settings allows the user to enable the ruler for use when dragging a token. 

As of version 0.8, Elevation Ruler adds a toggle to enable pathfinding when using the ruler or dragging tokens with the Token Ruler enabled.

Token Speed Highlighting

As of version 0.7.4, an option in settings highlights the ruler (or Token Ruler, when enabled) in different colors based on token speed (walk/dash/maximum).

As of version 0.8.3, Elevation Ruler adds a toggle to the Token HUD to allow you to switch from automatic estimation of whether the token is walking, flying, or burrowing to manual. Token speed will be based on the respective movement choice. 


As of version 0.8.0, a button in the Token controls enables pathfinding for the ruler (or Token Ruler, when enabled). Pathfinding works on gridded (both hex and square) and gridless maps. If using the ruler, start a measurement at a token in order to start pathfinding. 

Settings allow you to designate all tokens or hostile tokens as spaces to be avoided. 


(Elevation Ruler 0.4+ requires Foundry v9 because it replaces the DF Hotkeys dependency with the Foundry keybindings introduced in v9. )
(Elevation Ruler 0.5+ requires Foundry v10 due to improvements in the Foundry Ruler API.)
(Elevation Ruler 0.7+ requires Foundry v11.)

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