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Latest version2.3.0
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core11
Last updated1 month ago
Created2 years ago
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A dungeon-drawing module for Foundry VTT. Now you can draw your dungeon on the fly, without ever leaving  Foundry. Or, designate a player as the mapper and let them make the map from your TotM descriptions.

Sample dungeon



  • Draw map - add/remove things to/from the map: room shapes, interior walls, regular/secret doors, or theme overlays. When removing walls/doors/themes, you draw a selection rectangle to select what you wish to delete.
  • Undo/Redo - also ctrl-z / ctrl-y hotkeys.
  • Generate a Dungeon - Let Dungeon Draw make the map for you!
  • Config - Change various scene-specific drawing values: floor and wall color, wall width, optional background or floor texture, etc. Also edit/copy/delete custom themes, and select the active theme for the theme painter tool.
  • Export the current dungeon as an image and set to scene background (useful for 3D Canvas module).
  • Delete all - Nuke everything on the current dungeon/scene.





How it works

  • New dungeon-drawing layer at a Z-level underneath the Foundry background layer and background tiles.
  • Players need at least Trusted Player permission to see and use the new Dungeon Draw scene tools. GM or Assistant DM permission will allow Dungeon Draw to automatically update lighting walls, as well as update scene settings (background color, grid) from theme selection.
  • Saved as a JournalEntry in a "Dungeon Draw" folder.
    • Map note in the upper left links the current scene to the JournalEntry.
    • JournalEntry and Note are created as soon as you start drawing a new dungeon.
    • To delete: delete the Note and/or the JournalEntry.
    • For Trusted Player: to allow editing, you may need to them as the owner of Journal Entries that were previously created by the GM.


Using floor and wall textures

If you choose a floor or wall texture it will be used in preference to the floor or wall fill color.

Dungeon Draw currently assumes square texture files.

Want more textures? Check out:


Dungeon Generators

Dungeon Draw includes a magic wand tool to make a dungeon map for you, along with several dungeon generation algorithms.


Known issues

  • Sometimes generating a rot.js cave system with smoothing can cause errors. I'm still debugging this, but in the meantime you can just retry - it usually succeeds after an attempt or two.
  • Dungeon Draw isn't compatible with a scene background image (which will cover up the dungeon map). Dungeon Draw's map layer is below Foundry's normal background layer. This lets you use placeable background tiles as you'd expect (they appear on top of the dungeon map), but also means a scene background image appears on top of the dungeon map, too. As a workaround, you can specify a background image in the Dungeon Draw config for the particular scene, which will show your background below the dungeon map.
  • Simultaneous map editors can trample each other's changes and cause save errors. It's best to stick to one map-maker at a time (either the GM or a single player).
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2 years ago

With the latest update bringing internal walls, this is now *the* go to tool for quickly sketching a spontaneous battlemap. Sure, there are oh-so-many features I’d like to see (changing texture on a room basis for example), but dear me is this module a life saver for your sudden unexpected battlemap need. I love it! And I’ll be watching the development with great interest.

Brian Parker
7 months ago

Excellent module that fills a significant gap Foundry’s tool set. If you are interested in assisted drawing for mapping and layout with full support for walls and doors, live within FoundryVTT then this is the place to go. One of my must-have modules.

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