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DMDave - Rust Monster Mine

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Systems Dnd5e
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Dungeons & Lairs #33: Rust Monster Mine

By DMDave and Tom Cartos

Need to set up a session and have little time? Drop this in for play at levels 3, 5, 8, or 11!

Rust Monster Mine is a Fifth Edition plug-in adventure for four characters with an average party level (APL) of 3, 5, 8, or 11. This module offers a general guideline on how to scale the adventure for each level. A newly excavated mine has attracted a number of rust monsters who've begun to feast on its riches. The characters must enter the mine and save all that sweet, sweet metal—they may even come out of it with a small business!

The Rustmine is a series of caves and tunnels that would be unremarkable if it weren't for their rich veins of iron. It was built by a Dwarven mining company led by Thidrubelle Birdwatcher, head of a merchant clan of small means and large ambitions. Unfortunately for them, their big break soon turned into a deadly nightmare. As the dwarves dug further and further into the earth, they began to attract hideous monstrosities that seemed to feed on the mine's raw ore. No one has heard from Thidrubelle in some time, and inquiries have been made to see what's become of the company—and their mining rights.

As a plug-in adventure, the adventure content serves as drop-in material for game masters who wish to add a dungeon to a preexisting campaign or need a side quest. If you need a hook for this adventure or already have a similar hook, the Rust Monster Mine Hooks table below offers details for introducing this adventure to your players. If your campaign does not take place in Omeria, of course, feel free to disregard the factions associated with each hook.


As a DMDave adventure, you can expect the following features and benefits:

  • Original Artwork. DMDave-brand products include their own original artwork for you to enjoy.
  • Professional Cartography. Tom Cartos maps bring life to every adventure location with remarkable attention to detail.
  • Endless Customization Options. Thanks to their adaptable nature, the Dungeons & Lairs adventures can fit into any campaign setting.
  • Lighting and Vision. Experience all of the awesomeness that is Foundry VTT with fully realized walls, lighting, and NPC vision.

Quick Guide

System: DnD 5E
Starting Level: 3, 5, 8, or 11
Length: One-Shot (1 session)
Installation: Module

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