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DFreds Effects Panel is a FoundryVTT module that adds a panel of active effects for the selected token.

Let Me Sell You This

Do you find it annoying to have to open up the character sheet just to see what effects are applied? Is it annoying to delete them or edit them on the fly? Well, this module makes that slightly less annoying! Yay...?

What This Module Does

On selecting a token on the canvas, this module shows a little panel in the top right of all the currently active effects for that actor. From here, you can do the following:

  • You can hover over the icon to see the name, description (if using DFreds Convenient Effects), and the time remaining. This integrates nicely with modules that handle time management such as Simple Calendar to show the time until it expires. When an effect runs out of time, it will be labeled with "Expired".
  • You can double click the icon to immediately open the configuration sheet for that effect.
  • You can right click the icon to immediately disable the effect.
  • You can shift + right click the icon to be prompted to delete the effect.

Effects Panel

You can configure some stuff:


Required Modules

  • libWrapper by ruipin - A library that wraps core Foundry methods to make it easier for modules developers to do their thang. Note that if you for some reason don't want to install this, a shim will be used instead. You'll be pestered to install it though so... just do it

Modules That Help

While not strictly required, the functionalities provided by these modules drastically improve the usage of the features in this module.

  • DFreds Convenient Effects by DFreds (hey that's me) - Includes a ton of pre-configured effects for the DnD 5e system. It also adds a description box to the active effect config sheet which will be displayed on the effects panel.
  • Simple Calendar by vigorator - Handles all your game time management needs
  • Times Up by tposney - Deletes effects when their time is up or after a certain number of rounds or turns

This Looks Familiar

If you've ever played the Pathfinder 2e system on Foundry, this module is going to look very familiar. That is because it almost a straight port of their feature for doing the same thing. However, now you can have that nice bit of functionality in any game system!

For obvious reasons, it is not recommended to use this module in conjunction with the Pathfinder 2e system.

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