Deadlands (SWADE) Gun Enchantments

Latest version2.1.0
Minimum Core10.0.0
Compatible Core11
Last updated10 months ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Systems Swade
Dependencies Sequencer
Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
Project source Project URL

Deadlands (SWADE) Gun Enchantments


Make your weapons feel more real in your Deadlands (SWADE) games in foundry VTT, with different sounds and animation for each "type" of gun, the "Sequencer" module is required to play the animations and sounds, all the animations and sounds are included in the module, the default animation files are from the "Jack Kerouac's Animated Spell Effects" and the "JB2A - Jules&Ben's Animated Assets" modules, but you can configure your own ones if you want!!.


Now with Blood, Fire, Explosions and Missed shots animations, thanks to the great animations from "Jinker's Animated Art Pack"


How does it works


The module captures the moment in which the selected token makes an item skill roll, looks for the name of that item, compares it with the configuration to know if the items belong to a specific type of weapon, obtains the roll´s result and plays the animations and a sounds depending on the case:

  • If the roll was a success (with or without a "raise") the sound of the weapon is played (different depending on the weapon type) as well as the animation of the weapon's flash (for some types) and the shot bullet(s) animation, and then plays the blood splash animation in the target(s), if the result was a raise the blood splash is a little bigger.
  • If the roll was a failure, apart from the sound that is played in the case of success, a "ricochet" sound of the bullet is also reproduced (does not apply in the case of arrows or some other types that don't ricochet), the bullet animation will miss the target, and also a bullet impact in the ground missind the target animation will play.
  • If the roll is a fumble or critical failure, neither animationa nor the sounda of the shot is reproduced, but instead a failure sound (“click”, “twang”, or “short-circuit”) is played to represent that the weapon is jammed or any other problem that may occur.


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