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Instant Adventures: Bandit Camps

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Instant Adventures: Bandit Camps

Welcome to Instant Adventures, the seminal monthly series from DeepDark Designs that seeks to both enhance your games and make your life as GM easier by providing handy collections of tightly-themed maps and carefully chosen creatures that complement them.

   A truly premium offering, each entry in the series includes multiple Scenes, with both Performance (lower resolution for faster load times and use) and Quality (higher resolution for an unparalleled viewing experience) versions provided of each. Better still, every scene in the module has been fully preconfigured with walls, lighting, and even roof tiles. You'll also find artwork for thirteen creatures (all of which have been set up as Actors with full statblocks for the 5th Edition game system), titles, and annotations eagerly awaiting you within the module. Finally, we've also provided nine Journal Entries that mostly serve as front/back matter and supplementary materials. However, we'll be updating the module later in July 2021 with another twelve journal entries, one per scene. These will provide optional extra insights into each location in the module, including details about their features and terrain, possible quest hooks or reasons to visit them, and suggestions for names that could be associated with them. And, we'll update the module again in August 2021 to add full integration for Pathfinder 1st and 2nd Edition.

   Bandit Camps focuses its attention on bandits, brigands, highwaymen, and other common varieties of ne'er-do-wells. The module includes twelve maps, six smaller (18" by 12") and six larger (24" by 18"), that depict a number of bandit camps in different environments and types of terrain. To complement these, we've also provided artwork for thirteen creature tokens (or thirteen actors if you're using a supported Game System). These represent a mixture of bandits and creatures likely to be encountered alongside them (such as hounds and horses). These cover a variety of low level threats and include several bandits that prefer to fight mounted, several that are versed in spellcasting, and others to fill out a variety of roles within a bandit gang.

Module Contents

Your purchase of Instant Adventures: Bandit Camps provides you with:

  • Digital adventure assets that can be printed or uploaded to any virtual tabletop software.
  • 12 Scenes with both Performance and Quality maps provided for each, all of which are preconfigured with walls, lighting, and roof tiles.
  • 13 Actors for supported Game Systems that are treated as included art for everything else.
  • Journal Entries that provide front/back matter and supplementary materials.
  • 12 additional Journal Entries that dive much deeper into each bandit camp, with lots of useful ideas, tips, and suggestions.  * Coming Soon *
  • Pathfinder 1st- and 2nd-Edition game system support. * Coming Soon *

Purchasing the Module

Purchasing Instant Adventures: Bandit Camps is easy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Purchasing the Module. First, you will need to purchase Instant Adventures: Bandit Camps from DriveThruRPG (or any OneBookShelf store). This purchase includes both your Foundry VTT module and your non-Foundry files.
  2. Finding Your Content Key. You will receive a license key to activate your Foundry VTT content in your purchase note when you complete your order for Instant Adventures: Bandit Camps. This license key is also visible on the Downloads page that you will be taken to on DriveThruRPG immediately after your purchase is processed. If you have any issues finding your key, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we'll happily introduce you to it and see if you two can't become fast friends.
  3. Redeeming Your Key. Log into  and enter the license key you received in your purchase note into the Premium Content interface.
  4. Activating Your Content. Finally, install your shiny new module via the Module Browser in the Foundry VTT application. Then, simply activate the content in any Game Worlds you wish to by using the Manage Modules tools under Game Settings. The module's initializer will help you setup and import the content from there.

Keep in the Loop

Our team of DeepDark Designers are always cooking up new and exciting ways to enhance your game and we're planning to bring a lot more of our content—current and future—to Foundry VTT. It's a great idea to follow us in order to keep up to date on the latest news and announcements. You can do so at each of the following places:

You can also reach me directly via email at [email protected] or on Discord at AenyMehrunes#6198.


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