DDB-Importer: A D&D Beyond Integrator

Latest version3.6.0
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core11
Last updated2 weeks ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Systems Dnd5e
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Integrate your content: Characters, Spells, Items, Monsters, Adventures, Encounters, Classes, and Races. Quickly integrates your content into compendiums and import your characters from D&DBeyond (and sync their status back at the end of your game!)

Video tutorial to get folks started:

Please log bugs on the GitHub page or in the discord.


You can support me on Patreon.


All users can import Characters, Spells, and Items.

Patreon supporters have access to Monster, Class, Race and Feat Importing or run your own Proxy server for Character, Spell, Item, and Monster importing if you prefer.



Exclude Items

You can exclude items from character import by selecting the owned item and the D&DBeyond logo:


Update back to D&DBeyond (Patreon only)

Encounter Muncher (Patreon only)

Generated Roll Tables

Compendium Folders Support


In addition, you can:

  • Use the built-in dictionary to get a large icon coverage during import.
  • Use supplied SRD items where available.
  • Choose to use matching SRD icons.
  • Apply effects from DAE or DAE SRD.
  • Attempt to auto-generate effects for items.

Pre-requisites and recommendations

There are no other requirements for using DDB Importer. That said, I would recommend the following 4 modules for the best support:

If you want to automate spells, features, and high levels of automation you will need:

Several macros that impact tokens rely on:

For prettiness add:



See FAQ!

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2 years ago

Jack came to the rescue after the old importer stopped working. IMO, he provides a great value for the Patreon. Keep it up, Jack!

2 years ago

This module makes importing content from D&D Beyond painless and easy. The module creator is also very diligent about releasing updates to make it even better. It’s well worth the Patreon subscription.

2 years ago

Easily a must have module if you have any kind of content in D&D Beyond

1 year ago

MrPrimate turned what would have been a titanic endeavour into a couple clicks. I personally don’t use the character sync functionality, that just makes me even more astonished by the amazing work he has done. If this is a must-have for me and I use maybe half of it? Damn! That’s what I call value.

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