Darkraven Games Free Fantasy and Sci-Fi Soundscapes

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Foundry Virtual Tabletop has teamed up with Darkraven Games to provide you all with thrilling audio to boost your RPG adventures with your friends! Darkraven Games has spent over the last 7 years putting together one of the largest collections of high-quality RPG audio available, comprised of over 120 hours of audio. In a tremendous display of generosity, Darkraven Games is offering our community more then thirty tracks of fantasy and sci-fi soundscapes for all Foundry Virtual Tabletop license owners. The pack contains over nine hours of optimized looping audio spread out across 30 fantasy tracks and 13 bonus sci-fi tracks.

Darkraven Games Fantasy and Sci-Fi Soundscapes
Darkraven Games creates ambient and environmental audio which elevates your roleplaying to the next level of immersion.

If you enjoy this fantastic free content you can find hundreds more high quality audio tracks by visiting the Darkraven Games website - with a very special limited time 30% off sale for all audio packs they offer.

Upcoming Kickstarter and Free Assault on Ravensburg!

Soon, Darkraven Games will be launching a very special Kickstarter for the newly remastered edition of the Vivat Imperium package (which these new bonus tracks are from), which will deliver another massive fantasy RPG package specially optimized for online gaming! For a limited time if you sign up for early notice about the coming kickstarter you will get a free digital copy of Darkraven Game's “Assault on Ravensburg” featuring a 30 minute soundscape of a massive siege assault on the walls of a city. You will also get an email announcement when they launch, notifying you of the very best limited launch prices on the Kickstarter.

Module Usage

After installing, as a Gamemaster user go to the Manage Modules options menu in your World Settings tab then enable the Darkraven Games Fantasy and Sci-Fi Soundscapes module. Two playlists are provided by this module will then show up under the Compendium Packs sidebar tab. Drag or right-click to import the playlist into the Audio Playlists tab of your World.

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