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Minimum Core0.7.5
Compatible Core0.7.9
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DISCLAIMER: This game system is unofficial content provided under the Homebrew Content Policy of R. Talsorian Games and is not approved or endorsed by RTG. This content references materials that are the property of R. Talsorian Games and its licensees.


We're happy to announce the next major release of Cyberpunk RED - Core, Version 0.74.0.
The update outlines a lot of much-needed polish to the overall design, some bug fixes, and much more. See our full changelog here.
Before we show off the goods, please allow us to make some much-deserved shout-outs to the hard workers who make this project happen.
@FnWeather made a very useful video detailing/demonstrating some of the new changes. @Masque for his relentless bug fixing, and commitment to quality and usefulness(thank him for the genius DV tool)! Thanks to @Zyzyx for doing the brunt of the work on the Mook Sheet, that UI stuff ain't fun or easy. Shout out to @Flintwyrm for the beautiful dice artwork and UI redesign as well. If you want him to make art for you or just want to see more of his work, check him out on Twitter at
A lot of people put a lot of hard work into developing the system so thanks to everyone who has contributed whether that be testing, coding, and/or making content, all the hours of playtesting, and all the useful feedback from the users.
And a special thanks to @Jay for being the catalyst for all this as well as gathering a good team/community!
Feel free to join the team and all the folks interested in Cyberpunk Red at our community Discord
Let us know on the GitLab page if you find any issues or want to make a feature request, which you can find here.
We look forward to hearing from you, Choomba!

Video Overview!

Character Sheet


Current Features (What’s Now Choomba)

  • Functional Character Sheets with Rollable Skills / Stats / Attacks & Damage.

  • Tracking of Health, Wound State.

  • Ability to create custom Vehicles, Weapons, Cyberware, Gear, and Armor.

  • Ability to create custom skills for your game!

  • Ability to Install Cyberware following RAW humanity tracking.

  • Ability to easily track armor ablation.

  • Ability to load, reload, and track ammo usage in weapons.

  • Ability to create items directly inside the Character Sheet (system setting).

  • Critical Handling for all Sheet Rolls.

  • `/red` chat command to make user rolls use our chat card and have crit handling! (eg `/red 1d10+2`)
  • Handling for different fire-mods on weapons.
  • Plus some other things we probably forgot!
  • DV Measurement Tool
  • Critical Injury Automation & Handling


Upcoming Planned Features (What's Next)

  • Ability to create Net Architectures.

  • Netrunning Aides for GM’s.

  • Cyberdecks.

  • Program & Demon Overhaul


Planned Features (On The List)

  • Active Effects Integration.

  • Vehicles Rework.

  • Default Icons for Items.

  • Sound Effects! Kaboom Choom!

  • Net Architecture Scene Generation.
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1 month ago

Been using this for some time, very good.

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