Custom D&D 5e

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Custom D&D 5e

This module is in very early development. Please test each new version on a copy of your world first and take backups before updating.

Custom D&D 5e Settings

A Foundry VTT module to customise the D&D 5e system.

House Rules


  • Apply the Bloodied condition when a character or NPC is reduced to half HP or lower.
  • To stop a character or NPC from gaining the Bloodied condition, add Bloodied to their Condition Immunities.

Instant Death

  • Apply Instant Death when a character suffers damage equal to or greater than their remaining HP plus their max HP.

Custom D&D 5e Instant Death


  • Tint and/or rotate the token when it gains the Dead status effect.

Custom D&D 5e Bloodied

Death Saving Throws

  • Set the roll mode to Public Roll, Blind GM Roll or Private GM Roll. When using Blind GM Roll, results of death saves will not appear on the character sheet for the player.
  • Remove a number of successes or failures for each event: On Regaining HP from 0, On Short Rest and On Long Rest.

Hit Points

Rolling Hit Points

  • When rolling for Hit Points, automatically reroll based on a minimum value.
  • Reroll once or until the minimum value is met.
  • Hide the Take Average option when rolling for Hit Points.

Custom D&D 5e Level Up Hit Points

Massive Damage

  • Apply Massive Damage as per the variant rule (DMG pg. 273).

Custom D&D 5e Massive Damage

Negative Hit Points

  • Apply negative hit points.
  • Choose to heal from negative HP or from 0 HP.

Custom D&D 5e Negative Hit Points


  • Award Inspiration when a set value is rolled for an ability check, attack roll, saving throw and/or skill check.

Custom D&D 5e Award Inspiration

Prone Status

  • Rotate the token when it gains the Prone status effect.

Custom D&D 5e Prone


Counter Types: Add four types of counter to the character sheets: checkbox, fraction, number and success/failure.

Triggers: Triggers allow you to automatically change a counter's value or state when the triggering event occurs. For example, for a homebrew Exhaustion counter, you could set a trigger to increase a character's exhaustion when they are reduced to 0 HP, make the character dead when they reach 10 levels of exhaustion and reduced their exhaustion when they take a long rest.

The available triggers are: 0 HP; Half HP or lower; combat end, if hit 0 HP any time during combat; long rest; short rest.

Custom D&D 5e CountersCustom D&D 5e Counter Triggers

Smaller Form Character Sheet

Select 'Custom D&D 5e Character Sheet' from the Sheet Configuration dialog (cog on the sheet's header) to enable a smaller form character sheet. Custom D&D 5e Character Sheet


  • Configure abilities, actor sizes, armor calculations, currencies, damage types, encumbrance, item action types, item activation cost types, item properties, item rarities languages, senses, skills, spell schools, and max level.

Configure Encumbrance

Custom D&D 5e Configure Encumbrance

Configure Sheet

  • Auto-fade or auto-minimise the sheet when it's not hovered over.
  • Scale the new character sheet up or down.
  • Change the banner at the top of the sheet.
  • Hide death saves, encumbrance, exhaustion, inspiration, the Manage Currency button, Legendary Actions, Legendary Resistances and Use Lair Action.

Radial Status Effects

  • Display status effects in a circle around the token.

Custom D&D 5e Radial Status Effects

Apply Elevation to Selected Tokens

  • Apply elevation to all selected tokens.

Custom D&D 5e Apply Elevation to Selected

Toggle Status Effects on Selected Tokens

  • Toggle status effects on all selected tokens.

Custom D&D 5e Toggle Status Effects on Selected


Variant Encumbrance + Midi

Custom D&D 5e will defer to the Variant Encumbrance + Midi module for encumbrance configuration when it is active.


  • Add common house rules.
  • Add more versatile encumbrance options.
  • Support all dnd5e configurations.

Required Modules


LibWrapper is used to wrap Foundry VTT's application render method to add data to the character sheets without editing the HTML. This should no longer be required with the release of Application V2.


The Radial Status Effects feature is a modification of code developed by Dorako under the MIT License, which is reproduced here: Licence

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