Combat Enhancements

Latest version1.2.3
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core11
Last updated2 months ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Português (Brasil)
Systems All systems
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Combat Enhancements

This small module adds a radial health bar, an editable HP field, and drag/drop re-ordering to the combat tracker.

Demo video


Install using the module browser in Foundry or via this manifest URL:


Radial Health Bars

The radial health bars will appear automatically if you're a GM user. For players, the health bar will only appear if the user is either the owner of the combatant's token or if the token's bar visibility is set to something other than one of the "owner" options.

The module will attempt to use the data.attributes.hp field on the actor, but this can be overridden by changing the attribute associated with Bar 1 in the token settings.

Health Modification

For GM users, all combatants will have an HP input that lets them modify it using absolute numbers or relative numbers (such as -10 or +3).

Players will only be able to edit HP if they own the combatant's token.

Drag/drop Re-ordering

The module also includes the ability to rearrange combatants by dragging and dropping them. This is handled by setting the combatant being dragged to a new initiative that's the average of the two combatants it's landing in-between. This means that if you're using dexterity tie-breakers, the tiebreaker will become a number much higher than possible dexterity scores due to the average math.


If you're not using dexterity tie breakers, the module includes an optional setting to reflow combatant initiative if the combatants have identical initiative. For example, if you drop a combatant on top of another combatant that has an initiative of 18 and the combatant after that one has an 18 as well, the combatants will have new initiatives equal to 20, 19, and 18. If this setting isn't enabled, the combatants won't appear to change since the order is initiative followed by the alphabetical name.

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