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Caeora's Complete Library - Maps, Tokens, and Assets

Latest version2.0.0
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Compatible Core9
Last updated1 year ago
Created2 years ago
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Caeora's Maps, Tokens, and Assets
Hello! I'm Caeora and I make maps! I also make tokens and assets that you can use in a variety of tabletop games. All my work is hand-drawn with a pen and tablet and coloured with bright vibrant hues to create a feeling of wonderful fantasy for your players

This module features a fantastic library of maps, tokens, and tiles created by Caeora. You will find mysterious and evocative battle maps, hundreds of beautifully drawn top-down creature tokens, and a collection of detailed tiles which can be placed as tile assets within your Scenes. All of the battle maps are pre-configured with grids, walls and lighting. This module also offers an optional setting which can automatically apply Caeora's monster token artwork when importing creatures from the Monsters compendium pack in the dnd5e system.

To install this module you must be a Patreon supporter at the Artisan tier (Or any tier above that such as the Dragon or Hero tier) on Caeora's Patreon (Link below) Then make sure you have your Patreon & Foundry accounts linked by going to your Foundry account page and linking them there.

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