Better Curses for 5e

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Better Curses for 5e

Better Curses module for Foundry VTT


This module for the DND5e system exists to make it easier to run games where someone has a persistent effect that deals damage when hit with an attack, such as Hunter's Mark or Hex.

To begin, select the item that can afflict the curse. For the purpose of example, Hunter's Mark will be used.

Setting up the Curse item

Edit the Item and go to the "Curse" tab.

Blank Curse tab on Hunter's Mark item

From here you can define whether the item is a curse, and give it a unique name. This name cannot have spaces, as the damage calculations rely on Roll's _replaceData function, which also cannot have spaces. You can also define what type of attacks trigger the curse. Hunter's Mark deals 1d6 damage when hit with a weapon attack, so:

Filled Curse tab on Hunter's Mark item

Applying the Curse

To apply a curse to a target, run the script BetterCurses.curse([Curse Name as defined above]) while having the curser selected, and the target targeted. The module comes with a compendium pack with two macros, one simply setting a variable space for you to apply the curse.

Removing the curse

If you attempt to apply the curse to a target when they are already cursed by that actor, then it will remove the curse for that target from that curser.

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