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Battlezoo: Eldamon for Pathfinder 2e | Roll For Combat

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Befriend! Train! Battle! Evolve!

Battlezoo Eldamon

Befriend, Train, Battle, and Evolve over 160 monsters with 13 distinctive elements with Battlezoo EldamonEldamon are ancient creatures slightly out of phase with reality that like to meld into items, creatures, and locations. You can add them seamlessly into any setting, allowing characters to interact with and collect them without disrupting the established adventure or requiring the GM to rebuild or change the encounters. 

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New Class: Eldamon Trainer — Evolve Eldamon and Unlock New Powers

As an eldamon trainer, your main focus is the eldamon you befriend and train. Unlike other characters who befriend eldamon, you can phase your eldamon in and battle any foe using eldamon. This gives you a flexible playstyle with several eldamon ready to fight, allowing you to choose the eldamon that's right for the job and fill several possible roles depending on what the group needs moment to moment.

  • Befriend, collect, and train eldamon as your main focus
  • Allows you to phase Eldamon into this plane and phase yourself out to enable your Eldamon to battle in your place 
  • Over 160 Eldamon and 13 elements allow for a flexible playstyle 
  • Choose the right eldamon for the job, matching their element with the situation
  • Unlock powerful evolutions to tap into your eldamons' true potential and their most advanced forms
  • Fully detailed class for both D&D 5E and Pathfinder 2nd Edition

New Class: Elemental Avatar — Embody the Power of the Eldamon

As an elemental avatar, you embody the power of an eldamon within you, allowing you to manifest special powers based on the eldamon's element. This allows you to fill a slightly different role in the party depending on the element you choose. The playstyle is rotational, using each ability when it suits you best rather than the same ability repeatedly.

  • Embody a powerful eldamon within yourself.
  • Manifest special powers based on the eldamon's element.
  • Attune yourself to the eldamon within to unlock its secrets.
  • Transcend the boundaries of the eldamon within you, opening up deeper power or blending multiple types of power into a single whole.
  • Master elemental powers yourself from a list of 13 different elements.
  • Playstyle depends upon your elemental choices.
  • Fully detailed class for both D&D 5E and Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

Inside the Battlezoo Eldamon you will find:

    • Over 160 unique eldamon.
    • 13 powerful elementseach with a unique playstyle, special moves, and other abilities for your eldamon to learn.
    • The eldamon trainer class befriends eldamon and phases them into reality to fight your foes.
    • The elemental avatar class embodies an eldamon and manifests its power directly through you.
    • Rules, guidelines, and tables allow you to customize the experience of adding eldamon to your game, allowing everything from a completely hands-off approach to tight integration with the story.
    • Setting information and variants to easily include eldamon into any TTRPG setting, whether they are rare or invisible to most people (explaining why no one has mentioned them before) or ubiquitous and well-known by all, the choice is yours.


This module is to be used with the Pathfinder Second Edition system.

Published by Roll For Combat.

Purchase at the Battlezoo Online Shop.

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