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Baileywiki Ship Fortress by Crosshead

Latest version0.0.4
Minimum Core0.6.0
Compatible Core9
Last updated2 years ago
Created2 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
Dependencies Token Attacher
Better Roofs
Wall Height
Project source Project URL

From Crosshead Studios:

This 40x40 multi-level map is called the Ship Fortress, an Adventurers’ Guild Hall basically that I based on a booklet I found on here on Reddit about Building Fortresses, Temples, and Strongholds. This map features some of my favorite world-building options for creating your own home, but instead of using a castle, this home features separate ships for all the add-on locations.

You have your main 3 level Airship that would be the home base of our adventurers. This ship has a series of massive ballista's to keep attackers at bay and can also lift skywards for a quick getaway. Then you have a ship that functions as an inn, with a tavern on top. An arcane ship for all your magic hirelings with room for mounts like horses, or a couple of griffons if you'd like to keep it more exciting. An armory with a smithy and cell block, for any prisoners, and last but not least a barracks for lower-level hirelings that includes a fighting pit for anyone who would like to duke it out.

All the ships are connected by a floating dock/piers at their hull, a series of wooden planks that go from one deck to the other, and a series of ropes that connect their crow's nests for alternative access.

If you’d like to get your hands on this map, or hundreds more like it, you can always check out my Patreon. It includes all the art assets you need to build your own map if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for as well!


From Baileywiki:

  • This map features full Foundry VTT v9 support, including the latest versions of Levels, Better Roofs, and Wall Height modules
  • Interactive Trapdoors powered by Monk's Active Tile Triggers and Tagger modules (optional)
  • The scene includes ambient sounds as you travel above and below decks, dynamic Foundry v9 lighting.
  • Multi-level: Your party does not need to teleport between scenes to explore the Ship Fortress. Thanks to the modules in use, your party can fully explore the map, across multiple levels, with dynamic stairs leading up and down, and can even maintain combat across all of these levels!
  • This module is game system agnostic, so you can use the prefabs on pf1e, pf2e, star wars, or anything else. 

Baileywiki creates maps and map assets for Foundry VTT. To see more, visit my Patreon.



Try dropping in tiles from Crosshead Studios, Baileywiki, and other artists to create whatever story you'd like to tell.

Turn the lights down! Drop your light level to night to and watch the decks light up!


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