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Handbook of Heritages (A5e)

Latest version1.0.1
Minimum Core0.8.6
Compatible Core10
Last updated1 year ago
Created1 year ago
Systems A5e
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This supplement for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition contains a selection of new character options, including ten new heritages, new heritage gifts for gnomes, halflings, and plane touched, and eight brand new cultures. You can also find rules for large collosi and centaur variants!


New Heritages

You can find a list of the new heritages below:

  • Centaur, which isn't limited to having the lower body of a horse.
  • Collosi, distant kin of giants who tower above humans.
  • Goblins, a highly dimorphic people who range from three to eight feet in height.
  • Jenn, also known as the storm-born, as they are made by the conjunction of primal elements.
  • Kobolds, Rawr!
  • Maurashu, graceful feline-folk blessed by the Cat Lord.
  • Mimickers, shapechangers who can appear as other humanoids, as animals, or even as plants.
  • Star-Rovers, psionic once-humans who, long ago, were changed by the distant stars and eldritch planes.
  • Therolians, humans with the heads and tails of any sort of animal.
  • Wroughtsouls, living constructs made from metal, clay, wood, or even flesh and animated by the soul in their crystalline heart.


New Cultures

Floating Villager, Giant-Kept, Hidden Citizen, Packmate, Planar Court, Star-Rover Citadel, Therolian Enclavist, and Undercity.

Several of these are built specifically for the book's heritages, but all are available to any player, regardless of their heritage.

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