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Latest version0.1.0
Minimum Core0.6.0
Compatible Core0.6.4
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The module is currently in BETA until it has been fully tested in production and Vue 3 has been released.

This module adds support for using the Vue library with systems and modules developed for Foundry VTT. You only need to install and enable this module if you use a system or module created using Vue.


Once installed, you must enable this module every time you create a new world that uses a system or module created with Vue. If not enabled, you will not be able to use anything created with it. To double-check, use F12 to open the Developer Tools in your browser, select the Console tab, and look for the following error (you may need to scroll up):

Uncaught ReferenceError: FoundryVue is not defined

If present, this means the module has not been properly enabled. Once enabled, the error should no longer appear.

For developers

When developing a system or module using Vue, ensure you read the documentation on the wiki. Using this module for development requires at least a basic to intermediary understanding of Vue. I cannot provide help with Vue itself, and the Foundry Discord should remain free from lengthy discussions (#modules-how-to and #modules-troubleshooting can be used for problems or questions related to this module. Discussions about Vue should be done in #tech-chat). Please read the official Vue documentation for more information.

This module is provided as-is. It will be updated as necessary, but aside from bugfixes I cannot manage specific feature requests beyond Foundry's core functionality. Compatibility issues are also a risk, when multiple systems or modules are installed that require different versions of this module. Care is taken as much as possible to ensure deprecated features are not removed and system and module developers have time to update their projects to the latest stable version.

The module will transition to Vue 3 as soon as it is fully released. As such, it will remain in BETA state until then. It is recommended to only use this module for development purpose at the moment and not yet for production.

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