Tom Cartos


My name is Tom, I am a digital artist with a background in architecture and design. Now I am bringing these skills into creating tabletop battle maps and assets for games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and more!

It is my hope that these maps will go beyond providing a backdrop to your encounters. They will also help tell your story, provide inspiration for detailed world building and give your players that ever so important feeling of verisimilitude and immersion. Each map set covers multiple levels or areas of a building, dungeon, or environment, creating a real sense of exploration and dynamic gameplay.

I also offer assets and unfurnished map variants so you can fully customise your world, and tokens to help you populate it! My assets are also available for use in Dungeondraft.

I offer weekly foundry modules of my maps with pre-setup walls and lighting so you can easily drop them into your game.

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3 years ago

I’ve been a Patreon supporter of Tom for a while now and his maps are some of the most frequent I pull out in game. His town maps are the best available and he just has a knack for making maps that can be used for multiple different contexts. I don’t know if I could DM as effectively as I do if it weren’t for him.

Instant Encounters
3 years ago

Tom is a highly respected member of the TTRPG creator community and has been a pillar of that community for a long time. He creates fantastic maps and original content for your games on a monthly basis.

3 years ago

Tom’s Into the Wilds series is my go to when I need a battlemap.

3 years ago

Tom’s background in architecture shines through, he creates interesting and varied maps of buildings in particular, with the occasional dabble in ruins or wilderness.
His “Ostenwold” product is amazing, with more than a dozen maps of the same theme comprising an entire town, you can run basically any town-based adventure all using just Tom’s maps.
If you need a little extra, he’s got that covered too with anything from a solitary toilet to a grand palace.

2 years ago

Tom has great content that is Foundry VTT ready. Highly recommend.

2 years ago

Tom’s maps are some of the most detailed and useful maps I’ve ran into for Foundry. Very high quality, detailed, well designed, and intentional maps.

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