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Blood 'n Guts

Created 17 Nov 2020

Updated 04 May 2021

Author edzillion

Blood 'n Guts Spray your dungeons with blood!   Overview Blood 'n Guts is a module for FoundryVTT that draws …

Easy Target

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 02 Jun 2021

Author Kim Mantas

Target tokens while on any layer with Alt+Click. Target all tokens in an AoE while on any layer by Alt+Clicking …

JB2A - Jules&Ben's Animated Assets

Created 19 Oct 2020

Updated 13 Jun 2021

Authors Gazkhan, Wassily

A Library of animated spell templates and tokens for DnD5e. The module is system agnostic but we have defined the …

Narrator Tools

Created 30 Aug 2020

Updated 04 Jun 2021

Author elizeuangelo

Special tools for special work! With Narrative Tools you can make special text appear on screen and chat, dim the …

Token Tooltip Alt

Created 09 Oct 2020

Updated 01 Apr 2021

Author bmarian

A module that adds a fully customizable tooltip next to the currently hovered token to show some useful information for …


Created 23 Jul 2020

Updated 20 Jun 2021

Author Seregras

Build any rpg system without coding a single line in Javascript. Look at the readme and the videotutorials available for …

Smart Doors

Created 06 Dec 2020

Updated 22 May 2021

Author Manuel Vögele

Visual and functional improvements for your doors. See below for an overview over all provided features. Each feature of the …


Created 02 Jul 2020

Updated 06 Jun 2021

Author wildj79

Starfinder This is a game system definition of the Starfinder RPG for the awesome Foundry Virtual Tabletop The latest version …

SWADE Spices & Flavours

Created 02 Feb 2021

Updated 27 May 2021

Authors SalieriC, Javier Rivera

SWADE Spices & Flavours A module to configure visuals and various other elements in the SWADE System on Foundry VTT. …

Virtual Tabletop Assets - Party overview

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author Sebastian Will

vtta-party provides an overview over all character-owned tokens on the currently active scene. This includes a tabular view about the …

Simple Dice Roller

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 21 May 2021

Author Jan Ole Peek

Simple module that allows for quick rolling of common dice. Simply choose how many of a particular dice type to …


Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author Deuce

Adds a HUD button to toggle light of a specific radius. For the dnd5e system, will also deduct torches from …