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Status Icon Counters

Created 01 Oct 2020

Updated 31 May 2021

Author Adrian Haberecht

Status Icon Counters allows setting and displaying a counter on any token's status effects. The module has several options. The …

✋ Raise My Hand

Created 10 Feb 2021

Updated 02 Apr 2021

Author Cody Swendrowski

Adds a 'Raise my hand' button that displays a small alert on GM screens that the player would like attention …

💤 Away From Keyboard

Created 10 Feb 2021

Updated 10 Feb 2021

Author Cody Swendrowski

Shows an AFK indicator when /afk or brb is invoked     💤Away From Keyboard is one of the many …

DFreds Pocket Change

Created 06 Jan 2021

Updated 07 Jun 2021

Author DFreds

DFreds Pocket Change is a FoundryVTT module which automatically adds currency to actors based on the DMG Individual Treasure Tables …

Adventure Music

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author Adventure Music

This special collection provides 33 background, environmental, and combat themes as well as 7 fanfare effects from Adventure Music, who …

Character Actions List dnd5e

Created 02 Feb 2021

Updated 13 Jun 2021

Author Andrew Krigline

This module provides a placable reusable "component" which details all of the actions a given Character Actor can take, intending …

Bar Brawl

Created 27 Nov 2020

Updated 19 Jun 2021

Author Adrian Haberecht

Bar Brawl allows an arbitrary amount of customizable resource bars for tokens. The module replaces the menu found in Token …

Data Toolbox for FoundryVTT

Created 23 Jun 2020

Updated 03 Apr 2021

Author Sven Werlen

Tools for generating/manipulating data (compendiums). For example, it can be used for generating a compendium from a CSV file. 1.9: …

Simple Calendar

Created 23 Feb 2021

Updated 16 Jun 2021

Author Dean Vigoren

Simple Calendar   A simple calendar module for FoundryVTT that is system independent.   This module allows you to create …

Stairways (Teleporter)

Created 26 Feb 2021

Updated 15 Jun 2021

Author Simon Wörner

Stairways (Teleporter) Stairways is a module to easily create and maintain stairways which can teleport tokens between two stairways. From …
Premium content

Magic Items Vol.1 - Eldritch Horror

Created 26 Feb 2021

Updated 17 Jun 2021

Authors Agginmad, MrVauxs

A collection of ready-to-use beautifully illustrated Horror-themed Magic items from the Loot Tavern.

Kobold Press OGL Compendium

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 18 Jun 2021

Author Deuce

This module adds Kobold Press OGL content sourced from the KPOGL wiki. Currently there are two compendiums, one with over …