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Better Target [Obsolete]

Created 05 Oct 2020

Updated 03 Sep 2022

Author sPOiDar

Note: The primary issues that this module aimed to solved have now been fixed in Foundry VTT Core, by moving …

Stream View

Created 03 Jun 2021

Updated 22 Sep 2023

Author sPOiDar

This module provides a minimal UI view with automated camera work, ideal for streaming or recording games, without all the …

Hide GM Rolls

Created 23 Aug 2020

Updated 02 Jun 2023

Author sPOiDar

Some GMs prefer to limit the information that players receive, to maintain the mystery. For example you may wish to …

Token Magic FX

Created 28 Jun 2020

Updated 03 Jul 2024

Authors SecretFire, sPOiDar, Zimm, Lozalojo, Moerill, KLO, dev7355608, Mestre Digital, BrotherSharper-Touge, OsiJr

              Add visual effects to templates, drawings, tokens and tiles. The special effects can …