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Layer Hotkeys

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 23 Jul 2023

Author mxzf

Layer Hotkeys This module adds hotkey bindings for activating various canvas layers. The default keybindings are Shift+1-8 and they can …

X-Wing Minis system for Foundry VTT (unofficial)

Created 06 Jan 2022

Updated 28 Mar 2023

Author mxzf

X-Wing Miniatures game system for Foundry VTT (unofficial) This game system is for playing the X-Wing Miniatures game by FFG …

Foundry Generator

Created 23 Oct 2022

Updated 23 Oct 2022

Author mxzf

Foundry Generator A tool for randomly generating things for Foundry VTT Things this tool can randomly generate Maze scenes Quest …

Character Sheet Favorites

Created 17 Nov 2022

Updated 07 Feb 2023

Author mxzf

Character Sheet Favorites This module is designed to insert a display of favorite items in the dnd5e character sheet for …

Adventure Uninstaller

Created 03 Dec 2022

Updated 03 Dec 2022

Author mxzf

Adventure Uninstaller A small module that adds an Uninstall button to Adventure documents which can remove their contents from the …

Out of Combat Tracker

Created 25 Dec 2022

Updated 25 Dec 2022

Author mxzf

Out of Combat Tracker This module adds a button in the combat tracker which can be used to switch the …

Status Halo

Created 27 May 2023

Updated 27 May 2023

Author mxzf

Status Halo This module arranges status icons around the edge of a token, rather than putting them in columns along …

Classic Compendium UI

Created 31 May 2023

Updated 31 May 2023

Author mxzf

Classic Compendium UI This module is designed to tweak the V11 compendium UI by removing the default background images and …