Found 6 packages

Combat Template Cleanup

Created 06 Jul 2020

Updated 20 Nov 2020

Author kekilla

Provides a quick means to remove templates soon after placing them in combat.

Whisper Dialog

Created 18 Aug 2020

Updated 01 Dec 2021

Author kekilla

# whisper-dialog   Sends dialog to specificed connected user.   # Usage   Once activated in the module menu, you …

World Scripter

Created 25 May 2021

Updated 31 Dec 2021

Author kekilla

Store in-game Macros in the module compendium, these will act as if they are world-scripts and execute upon client start/refresh.Perfect …

Note Macro

Created 05 Aug 2021

Updated 22 Jul 2022

Author kekilla

This is a FoundryVTT module that allows macros to be saved inside of a note. The note can then be …

Token Bar

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Authors kekilla, ^ and stick

This is a FoundryVTT module for the 5e system. It populates an action bar for the token you have selected. …

DnD5e Helpers

Created 24 Oct 2020

Updated 31 Mar 2022

Authors honeybadger, Kandashi, kekilla

Little helpers for little 5e tasks.   Features: Automatic Wild Magic Surge, Automatic combat action management, Legendary Action reset on …