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Beyond The Wall

Created 17 Oct 2022

Updated 30 Jul 2023

Authors studio315b, elizeuangelo

An implementation of the Beyond the Wall system in Foundry VTT.   Originally commissioned by Daniel M. Revisioned and adjusted …

Better Rolltables

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 04 May 2024

Authors Ultrakorne, Daniel Böttner, Daimakaicho, elizeuangelo, sasquach45932, p4535992

Better Rolltables (Powered by item Piles) If you want to buy me a coffee better-rolltables is Module for FoundryVTT to …

Theatre Inserts

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 19 Feb 2024

Authors Ken L, Noah Zorbaugh, U~man, KaKaRoTo, elizeuangelo, p4535992

Theatre Inserts allows for a visual novel style RP experience for text, and text-voice hybrid games. The primary function of …

Narrator Tools

Created 30 Aug 2020

Updated 09 Jun 2023

Author elizeuangelo

Special tools for special work! With Narrative Tools you can make special text appear on screen and chat, dim the …