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Translation: German [FATE]

Created 25 Jun 2020

Updated 26 Jun 2020

Author Patrick Bauer

This is the german translation for FoundryVTTs FATE system.For collaboration, message me on Discord (Daddi#2333).

FateX - Fate Extended

Created 07 Aug 2020

Updated 30 Nov 2022

Author Patrick Bauer

From Fate Core to derivatives like Dresden Files, this systems allows you customize your sheets to your liking — Now available …

Broken Compass

Created 05 Mar 2022

Updated 21 Nov 2022

Authors Patrick Bauer, RackNar, Hauke Frahmann

This is the Broken Compass system for FoundryVTT based on the TTRPG from Two Little Mice. Take a look at the great …