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The Dwarf Empire [WFRP4]

Created 02 Mar 2021

Updated 05 Jun 2022

Author Noober

This module is aiming to import Big Boss' unofficial supplement The Dwarf Empire for WFRP4. It adds 5 new careers, …

Nations of Mankind [WFRP4]

Created 26 Mar 2021

Updated 16 May 2022

Authors Noober, Seseta

This module adapts Big Boss' unofficial supplement Nations of Mankind to Foundry VTT's wfrp4e system. It adds several new origins …

Ogre Kingdom [WFRP4]

Created 03 Apr 2021

Updated 11 May 2022

Author Noober

This module aims to adapt Big Boss' unofficial Supplement Ogre Kingdom to FoundryVTT by adding new Ogre related content. The …