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Created 04 Oct 2021

Updated 14 Jun 2022

Author Ethaks

Nechronica for FoundryVTT This game system for Foundry Virtual Tabletop provides character sheet and game system support for Nechronica -The …


Created 06 Oct 2021

Updated 19 Jun 2023

Authors Ethaks, Cole Schultz

Quench Harden your Foundry module or system code with end-to-end UI tests directly within Foundry. Powered by Mocha and also …

Spheres for Pathfinder 1e

Created 01 May 2022

Updated 17 Jul 2023

Authors Ethaks, Xavion

This module for the Pathfinder 1e game system for Foundry Virtual Tabletop provides additional functionality and support for the rule …


Created 31 Oct 2022

Updated 19 Jan 2023

Author Ethaks

Metron is a dnd5e-specific module converting actors, items, their descriptions and text fields, as well as scenes and journal entries from imperial to …

Pin Cushion

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 10 Sep 2023

Authors Cole Schultz, Kandashi, ghost, Evan Clarke, Ethaks, p4535992

Pin Cushion Adds additional functionality around Map Pins Installation It's always easiest to install modules from the in game add-on …

Pathfinder 1

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 03 Aug 2023

Authors Furyspark, Noon, Ethaks, MKAh

An implementation of the first edition of Pathfinder for Foundry Virtual Tabletop ( The software component of this system is …