Worlds Without Number

Latest version1.2.2
Minimum Core0.8.9
Compatible Core9
Last updated1 month ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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Worlds Without Number for Foundry VTT (Unofficial)

Everything you need to play Worlds Without Number in Foundry VTT. This was forked from v1.1.2 of the Old School Essentials project developed by U~man. I have managed to mangle his beautiful project into something that works for Worlds Without Number. All praise should be directed toward him. Any bugs or mistakes are undoubtedly my own.

Find the original OSE project by U~man here:


  • Calculated Readied/Stowed values, including dynamic tracking of currency weight
  • Calculates total wealth from carried coin, bank, and treaure items
  • Track weapon tags; hovering over the tag icon or name displays the full tag description
  • Track Effort commitment by Art and have class-specific Effort updated automatically
    • Click Tweaks in the character title bar to activate spellcasting and enter caster class(es)
  • Auto-calculate saves for PCs and NPCs alike
  • Calculates movement rates based on Readied/Stowed values
    • Use standard WWN movement rates or B/X movement
    • Auto-calc can be disabled
  • Adds attribute bonuses to hit chance, damage, and shock
    • A per-weapon checkbox enables adding skill value to damage and shock
  • Shock and damage account for attribute bonuses, the Killing Blow warrior ability, and Foci that add skill levels to damage
    • Check Full Warrior in Tweaks menu to activate Killing Blow
    • Skill damage is activated on a per-item basis, due to the variable nature of Foci
  • Support for Specialist and other Foci that allow rolling 3d6/4d6 on skill checks
  • Distribute XP through the Party Overview
    • Assign percentage shares to henchmen, to support silver-as-XP (and custom XP values) for B/X-style play
  • Easily roll multiple saving throws from an Art, Spell, or weapon's chat card by selecting tokens before clicking the save in chat
  • GM Tools: quickly generate things from the GM Tables in WWN (most tables from free edition should be entered now)
  • Roll Morale and Instinct checks with two clicks
    • Link appropriate Instinct tables from Compendium to NPC sheet to auto-roll when Instinct check is failed
  • Compendium includes weapons, armor, adventuring gear, arts, spells, and foci from the free edition. Deluxe edition content is not included.
  • Thanks to Gavin over at Necrotic Gnome, the Compendium now includes OSE spells and (some) monsters.


This Foundry VTT system requires the Worlds Without Number rules, available at DrivethruRPG.

This third party product is not affiliated with or approved by Sine Nomine Publishing.
Worlds Without Number is a trademark of Sine Nomine Publishing.

Old School Essentials spells and monsters used with permission under Open Game License, originally adapted from the greatest role playing game in the world.


Icons are from [Rexxard](

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