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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e - Up In Arms

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition Up In Arms

The Old World is a dangerous place. With the Empire fractured within and threatened by enemies without, it is only wise to learn the skills of a soldier, or to employ those who already have. Some may say that to live by the sword is to die by the sword, and there is truth to this. But in the wilds of the Empire, to refuse to live by the sword is to die by the sword even sooner.

  • A history of the role of mercenaries in the wars of the Old World, including background and rules to support playing Tilean Characters and other dogs of war.
  • A guide to the renowned knightly orders of the Empire, with options for joining secular orders, templar chapters, or going it alone as a freelance knight.
  • An expanded list of weapons and armour, from basic arms such as swords and axes, to exotic specialised equipment such as weighted nets and pavises.
  • Rules for taking cover within vehicles and buildings — and counterpart rules for blowing vehicles and buildings up with devastating artillery.
  • Detail on the employment of hireling NPCs, including a system for generating individual quirks and work ethics.
  • Optional and additional rules covering new Endeavours, alternative approaches to Critical Injury, mounted combat, uses of Advantage, Pursuits, and Talents.


Up in Arms provides options and guidance for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Characters who follow warrior careers. It focuses on abilities that players and GMs can make use of to add variety and expertise to the fighting folk of the Old World in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


This Foundry VTT module contains:

  • Up in Arms, complete with illustrations, integrated into Foundry, and searchable from within your Virtual Tabletop.
  • 12 Journal Entries (totalling 66 Journal Pages) that dive into all various aspects of soldiering in the Old World, from the rank and file flootsloggers, to the noble knightly orders, to the distant Tilean traditions. Additionally, details on a wealth of new and alternate mechanics are provided, such as Group Advantage and Mounted Combat.
  • 7 Actors from the Empire, providing Hireling templates to dynamically generate Hirelings with integrated tables.
  • 206 Items, a wealth of new and updated weapons, new soldiering careers, as well as Myrmidian miracles and alternate Talents.
  • 14 Rollable Tables for hirelings, job generation, and the alternate Critical Hit tables.
  • Special integrations for new weapon Qualities/Flaws, Hireling generation, Tilean Gazetteer, and a new Tilean character generation option.


The WFRP Core Module is required for full functionality and is to be used with the Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition System


Published by Cubicle 7

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