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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e - Death on the Reik

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition

Death on the Reik Campaign and Companion Module

Welcome to the revised and updated Director’s Cut of one of the most highly regarded roleplaying campaigns ever written! Death on the Reik presents the second part of the epic Enemy Within campaign, the sequence of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay adventures that inspired a generation of gamers. Death on the Reik carries on from where Enemy in Shadows left off, taking your unlikely heroes on a grand adventure up and down the remarkable Reik, the largest river in the Old World and trade route to the heart of the Empire.

Death on the Reik Includes:

  • The second part of the Enemy Within campaign, revised and updated by Graeme Davis, legendary WFRP author.
  • A selection of ‘Grognard Boxes’ that add entirely new ways to play through the adventures, ensuring even those who have played the Enemy Within campaign before will find Death on the Reik fresh and new.

The Enemy Within is the campaign all roleplayers should play at least once in their lives, making the Death on the Reik a must purchase for all gamers

The Death on the Reik Companion is an essential supplement to the second part of Enemy Within campaign, and an indispensable guide for any adventure taking place on the Empire’s rivers.


Death on the Reik Companion includes:

  • Exclusive Guest Commentaries from James Wallis and Martin McKenna on their memories of the original Death on the Reik.

  • A GM’s Guide including: a complete breakdown of the Red Crown, one of the Empire’s most dangerous Tzeentch cults.

  • Additional adventure content, including: The Emperor Luitpold, a luxury barge with a bevy of secrets in its holds and staterooms, and ‘The Vengeance of The Gravelord’, part 1 of an adventure thread that can be woven throughout The Enemy Within.

  • A selection of new herbs from ‘Hortensia Puddlefoot’s General Concordance of Herbs’.

  • An examination of life on the Reik with details on settlements and trade.

  • A Bestiary of monsters that haunt the river, and a list of waterborne diseases.

  • A wide range of riverfolk NPCs with hints and tips for how to incorporate them.


This module contains:

  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition Death on the Reik Campaign and Companion Module: Contains everything you’d need to run the second part of this epic campaign in the Foundry. The adventure and additional content complete with illustrations, integrated into the Foundry, and searchable from within your Virtual Tabletop.

  • Easy Set Up: The adventures are easily set up and ready to play with maps, locations, characters, and adventure content all easily accessible for the GM.

  • More than just a Campaign Companion: an indispensable guide for any adventure taking place on the Empire’s rivers. Expansive rules and content that are useful in any WFRP game! River Navigation rules, Adventure hooks, NPCs and Trade Rules.

  • Preprogrammed Effects: Programmed effects for new spells, herbs, vehicle upgrades and more, provided for you to speed up your game!

  • Integrated Trading: Bypass all the trading rules math and load up your players with cargo using the integrated Reikland Gazetteer.

  • Tons of Content! 254 Journal Entries, 121 Items, 178 Actors, 12 Tables, 19 Scenes.


The WFRP Core Module is required for full functionality and is to be used with the Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition System


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