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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e - Archives of the Empire: Vol 1.

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition

Archives of the Empire: Volume 1.

Welcome to Archives of the Empire: Volume I. A fascinating and diverse collection of articles on topics that cover the length and breath of the Old World. The first volume focuses on the other species, Dwarfs, Elves and Halflings, whose presence enriches (or enrages) the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Volume I details new locations, careers, and NPCs perfect for inclusion in your next WFRP adventure.


Archives of the Empire includes:

  • Karak Azgaraz: An exploration of a Dwarf Hold that, though it has seen better days, still holds strong in mountains that loom beyond Ubersreik, at the very edge of the Empire

  • Imperial Dwarfs: While they think of the Karak’s as their true home, many a dwarf has never set foot on ancestral lands, instead living at the very heart of the Empire

  • Halfling Clans: From Skelfsiders to Thorncobbles, Rumsters to Lowhavens, learn about the Empire’s Halfling very extended clans and multiple families

  • A Guide to the Mootland: Join the simple folk of the Mootland for a Grand Tour of their fertile province, its farms and villages, rivers and forests. Now, make sure to smear yourself with this or the Bramblebeaters will get you…

  • The Laurelorn: Delves into their politics, culture, and the threats that haunt this ancient colony of Elves, nestled between Nordland and the Wasteland, which survived to the modern day. 


Archives of the Empire is an excellent and entertaining addition to any gaming table. Packed with lore, NPCs, and exciting adventure hooks, this collection will kickstart your next adventure in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay!


This Foundry VTT module contains:

  • Archives of the Empire: Volume I, complete with illustrations, integrated into Foundry, and searchable from within your Virtual Tabletop.

  • New careers and character creation options for Halfling and Elf Player Characters.

  • Beautiful maps of the Laurelorn and the Mootland, fully annotated and integrated into The Foundry VTT.

  • New Weapons! Dwarf and Elf weapons filled in with statistics and including pre programmed effects. 

  • Community Developed, Officially Supported thanks to the tremendous hard work of Russell Thurman (Moo Man) we’re pleased to be able to work with him and bring WFRP to the next level on the Foundry.

  • Foundry Powered Includes all of Foundry Virtual Tabletop’s exclusive features.


 The WFRP Core Module is required for full functionality and is to be used with the Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition System


Published by Cubicle 7

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