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The Walking Dead Universe RPG - Core Ruleset

Latest version2.0.0
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core12
Last updated1 month ago
Created8 months ago
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The Walking Dead Universe - Roleplaying Core Rules

This is The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game. The Walking Dead has always been about characters facing impossible choices in an unforgiving world. With this game, you enter into the world of the dead and must face these choices head on. You can do this at any point in the timeline – encountering familiar faces and locations, or new ones – but the hardest choice will always be the same: Who are you going to be?

We have seen many stories set in The Walking Dead Universe – now it’s time to see yours.

In the official The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game, you will play as people struggling to survive in a hostile world. Exceptional challenges can appear from anywhere – from the lack of essential supplies, from conflicts brewing within the group, from hidden construction flaws in your safe haven, or from approaching walkers hungering for your flesh.

In the game, the player characters must not only hone their physical skills, but deeply explore who they truly are – what drives them to go on, what they consider worth fighting for, and what they’re capable of doing, in the best and worst of times. Expect the stress and stakes to be high. The rules are based on the acclaimed Year Zero Engine, pushing the boundaries of the survival genre and making sure that every group can tailor the gaming experience to suit their own interests and play style.

This Foundry module contains:

  • 112 Actors.
  • 11 Journal Entries.
  • 175 Items.
  • 114 Rolltables.
  • 3 Scenes.
  • 4 Macros.
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This module is to be used with The Walking Dead Universe RPG System.

Published by Free League Publishing.

The Walking Dead Universe © 2023 AMC Film Holdings LLC. All Rights Reserved

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