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Trickery of Kitsune

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Authored and Edited by: Constantine "Kelfecil" Christakis

This is the sequel to the adventure, Moon Warrior!

Trickery of Kitsune

There is a woman who has been toying with people's minds, making them act very strangely. She lives at the edge of town. Could you please pay her a visit, adventurers?

Trickery of Kitsune is a Fifth Edition one-shot adventure for a party at level 6. This adventure can be adapted to your own campaign, played as a one-shot, or be part of the campaign setting that connects everything made by Kelfecil's Tales.

In the sequel adventure to Moon Warrior, Trickery of Kitsune, players join forces with the Moon Warrior once again in order to find and defeat what is believed to be a trickster Yokai spirit that is toying with the people of a nearby town.

About this One-Shot Addon

This package includes the following resources:

This adventure can be played at any level by adjusting the number of monsters in it as well as their behavior. It has been made with VTTs in mind and can therefore run very smoothly on this Virtual TableTop.

Quick Guide

  • System: D&D 5E
  • Recommended Average Party Level (APL): 6
  • Experience from Completion: ~7,900 XP
  • General Theme: Investigation, Fey Spirits
  • Setting: Any, Starlight Chronicles
  • Time - Sessions to Finish: x1 3-hour session
  • Installation: Add-On


As a Kelfecil's Tales adventure, you can expect the following:

  • Art inspires Storytelling. All of the published content by Kelfecil's Tales is made in collaboration with amazing illustrators, so you can always expect something different and awesome to look at. The stories you find in our adventures are always inspired directly by artwork.
  • Perfect Maps for the Story. Being inspired by the map to create the story itself, means that the map is perfectly fitting for playing out the story with your group. Find beautiful maps by a different map maker in every release to play your adventure on!
  • Dynamic Lighting. Experience one of Roll20's most amazing features, dynamic lighting. Quite a few of our maps use this feature while others do not need it since they are open battle maps.
  • Signature Storytelling. We love to give background lore and narrative that connects all our adventures. Expect well-explained NPCs and memorable stories. We also use our signature 3-Act narrative method to ensure that you always open and close your sessions in time and with something interesting!
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