Tor's Tomb of the Nine Gods

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High quality maps and tiles for the Tomb of the Nine Gods in Tomb of Annihilation.  If you are a player, DO NOT use this module!  This package presents the free maps from Tor's Emporium on Patreon.  Two version for each floor are included, with assets.  All content provided as compendia.  No WotC IP or material is included and will need to be supplied by the user.


Tor's Tomb of the  Nine Gods

This is a Foundry Module that provides custom maps for the Tomb of the Nine Gods for the Tomb of Annihilation campaign. The maps were created by Tor and the raw files can be found on their Patreon Tor's Emporium.


Full Documentaiton on the Wiki


  1. Navigate to Add-on Modules in Foundry
  2. At the bottom of the window, use the Install Module option
    1. For a Foundry Listing installation:
      1. Search for Tor's Tomb of the Nine Gods
      2. Click Install
    2. For a manual installation:
    3. In the Manifest URL field enter:
    4. Click 'Install'
  3. Open a game world
  4. Activate the Module
  5. Import scenes/macros/journals/etc from the Tor TotNG compendiums
  6. Populate the map with monsters, notes, etc as you see fit

To Do:

  • Add journals entries for:
    • Walls
    • Teleports
    • Tile triggers
    • Macro Integration
    • Various Notes
  • Add Rolltables
  • Documentation on github
  • Evaluate other mod integration/dependencies
  • Specific Fixes
    • Fix Zombie door tile level (raise level)

Legal Stuff

All maps and content were created by Tor and are protected under any copyright relevent in your or his jurisdiction. Please contact Tor for any questions on use outside this module.


All maps, tokens and files in this folder are unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards.


Dungeons and Dragons and all related trademarks, IP and content are copyright Wizards of the Coast. No content created by WotC was intentionally included in this repository and if any is found please contact the author (Grimmash) so that any offending content can be removed.


This repository is covered by the GNU GPL v3.

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