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This module has a lot of content in the form of art assets capture most of the various states the Shrines of Omu can be in over the course of play. This journal entry tries to capture almost all of the useful information about using these assets. Each Shrine has a section. If you need further help, please come join us in the Tomb of Annihilation DM's Discord.

Overall Notes

Please review the walls, tiles, etc for each scene before you use it! It will make the experience much better.

Roof Tiles

All scenes have the roof tiles as overhead tiles. This can make it difficult to access other tiles for traps, door states, and other tile based effects. You can pretty easily remove those tiles if needed.

Detail Tiles

Almost all the shrines that have "states" in the game based on what the players do have alternate art tiles. In most cases these tiles are already on the map, in a hidden state. You can unhide them to dynamically change the world state.

In some cases where the states are so dependent on player choice as to make a default decision hard, I have left the tiles in the assets folders and you can find them as noted in "Assets General Information" below.

In all cases, I have also placed copies of the tiles on the side of the scene (behind walls) to make it easy to see what your options are! Review the maps, tiles, and assets!

Scene Size and Setup

All scenes have roughly 5 to 10 tiles of extra space around the edges to make staging things easier. All scenes also have a wall box hiding the extra space, so you can place tokens or tiles there for later use.

Shrine Outer Walls

I have placed walls for the "outer" walls in each shrine. You may or may not want these!

Useful Links

Assets General Information

All the current content is stored in the module as image files. Where possible .webp files are used to make the module as resource efficient as possible.

Most shrines have a lot of variants for the background:

  • Interior without roof
  • With roof
  • Other variations
  • For each shrine, assets are located in the following location: /data/modules/tors-omu/assets/images/
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