Torg Eternity

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Compatible Core11
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Created3 years ago
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Dependencies Chain Reaction
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Torg Eternity

The battle against the High Lords continues in the Official Torg Eternity system for Foundry VTT!

In Torg Eternity, players take on the role of Storm Knights - powerful beings who can bend reality to their will - in their battle against invaders who are locked in a struggle to transform the Earth into competing alien realities.

The Foundry Torg Eternity system includes core archetypes, the Drama Deck, and character and item sheets that allow you to reproduce any Storm Knight, Threat, weapon, spell, miracle, or psionic power in the game.


  • Characters can roll skill tests, weapon tests, magic tests, miracle tests, and psionic tests with the click of a button
  • After rolling, action totals can be further modified, rolling for possibilities and adding +3 cards
  • Results of roll modifications are instantly updated in chat
  • Tests can also be modified by rolling BDs which add to damage totals
  • World laws and axioms are available as a tool tip on every map
  • Combat tracker groups participants as heroes and villains and allows GM to track who has and hasn't taken a turn
  • All of the core Drama Deck cards are available within the system and can be quickly installed
  • All 16 core archetype characters are available in the compendium and ready for play
  • Integration with Foundry's active effects system, allowing attributes, skills, and other statistics to be easily modified on the fly
  • Manage your inventory with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Add Stymied, Vulnerable, and other conditions to tokens
  • Stymied, Vulnerable, and Wound states are taken into account in calculating action totals
  • Drag and drop character attacks to the macro bar for easy access during play 
  • Character sheet can be condensed to a smaller format, allowing you to leave it open without obstructing the map

Now Available

Torg Eternity Core Rules - a premium module containing a dizzying array of materials from the core release, including: the complete contents of the Torg Eternity Core Rulebook, all of the threats from the CRB, complete with avatar and token art, the Torg Eternity GM screen (which can be displayed and hidden at the touch of a button), all perks, items, weapons, eternity shards, spells, miracles, and psionic powers from the core release, and the Torg Eternity soundtrack!

Also Available

  • Up the Creek, a free introductory adventure module. The full TE rule set is not needed to play this module. It comes with all the rules you need.
  • Hostel Takeover -a free one-shot adventure created by Torg Eternity designer Darrell Hayhurst, and originally published in Delphi Missions: Rising Storm


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