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This module provides several macros useful for playing with The One Ring 2e system ( :

Macros fot enhanced chat

Chat message Send a chat message to a selected list of players game.tor2eMacros.chat_SendMessage()
Bubble message Add a bubble message to a selected token on the scene game.tor2eMacros.chat_SendMessageBuble()


Macros for tokens and tiles

Dead or not Add or remove a large red cross over selected token(s)  game.tor2eMacros.token_Set_DeadOrNot()
Hidden or not Hide or unhide selected token(s) or tile(s)  game.tor2eMacros.token_Set_Hidden_or_not()
Token size Change the size of a selected token game.tor2eMacros.token_Set_Size()
Token image share Enlarge and show the selected token image to all players game.tor2eMacros.token_DisplayTokenImage()


Macros for characters

Physical health report List (in the chat) an overview of players characters moral health (Hope, Miserable condition)  game.tor2eMacros.characters_List_Health_Physical()
Moral health report List (in the chat) an overview of players characters moral health (Hope, Miserable condition)  game.tor2eMacros.characters_List_Health_Moral()
Wisdom & Valour report List (in the chat) an overview of players characters Wisdom and Valour  game.tor2eMacros.characters_List_Valour_Wisdom()
Max physical health Change the character of the selected token : current Endurance is put to Max Endurance, all Fatigue points are removed game.tor2eMacros.characters_Set_EtatPhysiqueMax()
Session Progression Add Adventure and Skills points at end of a game session game.tor2eMacros.characters_Add_SessionProgression()
Characters synthesis Display a synthesis of all player characters (of current company) with their main characteristics game.tor2eMacros.mj_charactersSynthesis()



Macros for combat

Attack Attack action : display the list of equipped weapons, click on one for attacking game.tor2eMacros.combat_lanceAttaque()


Macros fot Eye Awareness and the Hunt

Increase Eye Awareness Will increase the current Eye Awareness in the default Community sheet and start the Hunt if the threshold is met game.tor2eMacros.community_eyeAwareness()
Change Region Ask for the new Region and apply the related Hunt Threshold game.tor2eMacros.community_huntLimit()

Macros for dice roll

Manual dice roll Roll dice with a manual choice of feat and success dice game.tor2eMacros.roll_ManualRoll()
Skill roll Quick launch a skill roll without opening the character sheet Not available in command line, only from the Macro compendium



How to use

All the Macros provided by this module are available via 2 ways :

inside Macro compendiums :

  • tor-2e-macros-french : for french speaking players
  • tor-2e-macros-spanish : for spanish speaking players
  • tor-2e-macros-english : for english speaking players
  • tor-2e-macros-portugues : for português speaking players Thanks to @eduFernandes

==> Open the Compendium corresponding to your language, and drag&drop the macros into your Hotbar.


Manually add them in the hotbar

For each macro you're interested in, creating a new macro in your hotbar (type = Script) and writing down in it the macro command line that may be found upper.



In case of problem, thanks to open an issue in the gitlab repository of this module :

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