TOR2E - Unofficial compendium for tor2e system - english version

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This compendium provides many items needed for creating characters (PCs, NPCs, Adversaries) in The One Ring 2e system ( :

  • Distinctive Features, Virtues, Flaws, Fell abilities, skills and Rewards
  • Weapons, armour and shields
  • Adversaries from
    • TOR 2nd edition
    • TOR  1st edition : 2 versions of adversaries conversion from 1e to 2e
      • by CircleOfNom
      • by Ghorin

Special thanks to CircleOfNom who did a great work on his adversaries converion and for accepting that I share his work in this compendium.


All those items are created

  • with their stats if exists
  • without any text or image from the official books
  • with a reference where to find the text and images in your core book copy


All the images used for the items are images provided either by TOR2E system (Distinctive Features, Virtues, Flaws, Fell abilities and Rewards) or from free-to-use Foundry VTTicons (weapons, armours, shields).

Note : There is no Active Effect implemented in any item of this compendium.


Ready-to-use / Ready-to-modify

As per property right and license, and as this compendium module is public : it contains no text description, no rule text, no image from any of The One Ring RPG books. But all the items, after being created in a Loremaster own Foundry VTT game, are in a privacy mode / not shared to public, and then the Loremaster may modify them to add any needed description and image from his own core book copy.


How to use

  • Go into the "Compendium" tab. You will find following packs :
    • tor-2e-compendium-en : Equipment
    • tor-2e-compendium-en : Characteristics
    • tor-2e-compendium-en : Adversaries
  • You may either
    • open a pack and drag&drop contents to the right tab (Objects for Characteristics and Equipment, Actors for Adversaries)
    • or do a right clic droit on the packs and import all contents into your world

Foundry VTT documentation about Compendiums :



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