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Tom Cartos – Pub Crawl

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This module provides the Pub Crawl Map Pack by Tom Cartos, a map set for use in fantasy roleplaying game systems.

Included are 51 maps, 48 assets for customisation, and a labelled key and design notes journal for DMs.

Maps are pre-configured with walls and lighting to be game-ready, so you can jump right in to use them for your next adventure.

Following a successful mission, it is tradition for an adventuring party to partake in ‘The Three Corners Pub Crawl’, which consists of a full evening drinking at three different taverns in three different areas of the city.

The night starts at the Warty Hag, a run-down dive bar in the cheapest part of town. The menu consists of Ale or Stew (which looks and tastes suspiciously like warm ale with lumps of bread). Despite its decrepit appearance, the Hag is usually pretty full of locals drowning their sorrows, and occasionally looking for a bar fight.

Next up is the Mannered Bear. In the past, guests would be greeted by a large tame brown bear named Manny. Manny and his partner (the pubs original owner) have long since left this world, but Manny’s pelt still adorns the tavern floor. This pub is centred around a large open fire pit. Most nights there will be a wide range of guests sharing stories and singing songs. These have all been heard before however, so a new tale is always welcome.

The last stop of the night is at the Gilded Dragon. Depending on how much ale the party has already consumed, it may be a task to simply be let in, as this establishment prides itself on a certain type of clientele. If you have any problems you can always try to sneak in round the back though. The Dragon has earned its reputation as the finest Tavern in the city through fine food and drink, but its best known for the house band who always get the house going and see out the night.

Where you spend the night may well depend on the number of coins left in your purse, but for those more discerning, sober participants it is said that each of the three inns holds its own dark secret. Sleep may have to wait.

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