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Tom Cartos – Essenheim Manor and Ruins

Latest version1.0.0
Minimum Core0.5.0
Compatible Core0.8.0
Last updated2 weeks ago
Created1 year ago
Systems All systems
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This module provides Essenheim Manor and Ruins Map Pack by Tom Cartos, a map set for use in fantasy roleplaying game systems.

Inlcuded are 17 maps, 298 themed assets for customisation, and a labelled key and design notes journal for DMs.

Maps are pre-configured with walls and lighting to be game-ready, so you can jump right in to use them for your next adventure.

The PCs receive an invitation to a party hosted by the local Museum's benefactor, Count Essenheim. Sensing a trap, they will likely be wary to go, but the Count himself will not be in attendance and it is rumoured that a vast hoard of ill-gotten riches is hidden somewhere within the Count's manor. Besides, no one saw them during their night time escapades in the museum, so it's probably just a coincidence....right?

Upon entering the vast stately home, the party are greeted by an enormous statue of a sleeping Dragon, an aesthetic that pervades throughout the interior decor. Paintings of the great beasts line the walls, furniture is adorned with carving of wings and claws and even the Counts personal banner features them. 

As the night progresses, the PCs can mingle with the other guests, subtly seeking information, or carefully searching the manor for secrets. If they are fortunate, they may be led to a hidden passage in the Counts private study, and the labyrinthian tunnels below. Will they find their way through the ancient maze? Will they question why there is a ladder hidden in the chimney? And will they ultimately discover the treasure room where the Count is lying in wait for them, his great wings folded along his scaly back?

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