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Tom Cartos – Bifrond Bazaar

Latest version1.0.0
Minimum Core0.5.0
Compatible Core0.8.0
Last updated10 months ago
Created1 year ago
Systems All systems
Project source Project URL

This module provides the Bifrond Bazaar Map Pack by Tom Cartos.

Included are 7 maps, and 106 themed assets for customisation

Maps are pre-configured with walls and lighting to be game-ready, so you can jump right in to use them for your next adventure.

Among the hustle and bustle of downtown, the Bifrond Bazaar has stood as a constant for generations. Sellers and buyers come and go, but the maze of alleyways and stalls remains steadfast. Built around a smaller caravanserai from ages past, the bazaar is known as the place to go to buy anything and everything. Carefully perusing the stalls will uncover many hidden treasures among the everyday items and necessities.

For those who choose to look even closer, the black heart of the bazaar may be found. Carefully concealed behind the ramshackle storage shelves below, guarded dark tunnels lead to the Cloister. When someone whispers that anything can be procured at the bazaar, this is what they truly mean. 

Cloaked merchants offer items of unscrupulous origin and ignoble means, however the real deals are made at the card table. Sion Eficus, the hulking director of the bazaar's black market believes deeply in the machinations of fate. Those who come looking to buy or sell the rarest and most illicit of items in his underworld have to put themselves in the hands of kismet. Some leave with impossible bargains, while others find that more than their purse is forfeit.

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