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Tom Cartos – Baleine Casino

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This module provides the Baleine Casino Map Pack by Tom Cartos.

Included are 12 maps, 62 themed assets for customisation, and a labelled key and design notes journal for DMs.

Maps are pre-configured with walls and lighting to be game-ready, so you can jump right in to use them for your next adventure.

Located in the cultural quarter of the city is the infamous Baleine Casino. The proprietor, Artor Cetasai, is outwardly a very gregarious fellow, well known for the lavish parties he throws in the Baleine’s ballroom. However, those who know him well would describe an astute businessman who only spends money when a return on investment is all but guaranteed. His parties and affable nature are simply a way to ensure the most influential and wealthiest socialites continue to spend money in the casino, and be seen doing so.

Cetasai has recently come to believe someone is cheating him. His profits are vastly down and a string of previously unknown clientele have recently come into the casino for a single night and won big. None of the cases seem connected, but Artor believes in coincidence almost as little as he believes in luck. The Casino has a state-of-the-art arcane detection system, so it is almost impossible that someone could be using magic to hoodwink his croupiers, and the only other explanation is an inside job.

Cetasai has quietly put out the word that he is looking for a group of investigators to pose as wealthy newcomers at a party he is hosting at the casino, in the hopes that they will help him root out the source and discover how they have been able to circumvent his security measures.

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