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Tom Cartos – Arcane Lighthouse

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This module provides the Arcane Lighthouse by Tom Cartos.

Included are 21 maps, 46 themed assets for customisation and a labelled key and design notes journal for DMs.

Maps are pre-configured with walls and lighting to be game-ready, so you can jump right in to use them for your next adventure.

For generations the Titan’s Lighthouse has kept the trade and fishing vessels safe when they return to port, guiding them away from the danger of the rocks and surging currents. However, in the last few months there have been more shipwrecks than in the preceding 20 years. The trail from the town to the lighthouse is dangerous, and no one has seen the Lightkeeper family for a while, so the locals are seeking adventurers to investigate. The light still comes on every night, but sometimes there is a strangeness to it’s colour.

Lucon Lightkeeper, the current steward of the lighthouse has a wife and two children, but upon arrival at the tower there is no sign of any of them. The lower quarters seem largely abandoned, aside from a few scraps of half eaten uncooked food. Upon further investigation they find Lucon in his workshop above. Like his predecessors he is a gifted artificer, a necessary skill set to keep the crystal glowing, but he currently seems deranged and half starved, fiddling with a series of smaller crystals and instruments on his desk. 

From the confused mutterings of Lucon, the party can grasp some of what happened. 6 months ago, Lucon’s highborn wife decided she could no longer stand to live in isolation at the lighthouse, Lucon was spending all of his time in his workshop and she was lonely and missing her home. She took the children on a ship and left. Since then his only focus has been trying to get her to return, but having no means of communication with her he turned to the skills he has available.

He has been experimenting with changing the magics in the lighthouse crystal, instead of spells for light, warning & repulsion he has infused the crystal with charms of attraction, hoping that her ship might pass nearby and be compelled to return to him. However, he has only succeeded in destroying many of the other vessels that use the nearby port and rely on the lighthouse, and it seems the charm magic is also slowly eating into his own mind. The crystal itself now holds some kind of power over him and he cannot leave it, even bringing it gifts and treasures from the wrecked ships, but it is never satiated.  

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