Token Variant Art

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Minimum Core11
Compatible Core11
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Created3 years ago
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Systems Dnd5e
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Token Variant Art

Improve management of Token art in-session and during prep.

This module searches a customizable list of directories and makes found art available through various convenient means such as pop-ups and a new Token HUD button.

Main features include:

  • Sourcing images from local folders, rolltables, Imgur galleries, and s3 buckets
  • Pop-ups on Actor/Token create to select images found based on Actor/Token name
  • Overlaying images/videos on top or bellow the token (examples)
  • Sharing specific art with players through the Token HUD allowing them to switch out their token art on the fly
  • Displaying different images for the same token for each user
  • Image filtering based on identifiers e.g. when selecting a portrait only showing images containing 'PRT': Bob[PRT].png, Tom[PRT].png
  • Wildcard images shown in the Token HUD
  • Aided and/or automatic mapping of images to actor compendiums
  • Assigning art to status effects and Visibility/Combat states, updating tokens once conditions such as 'Dead' and 'Paralysis' have been applied
  • Assigning custom token configuration (token scale, vision, name etc.) to images which are applied upon image selection through the Token HUD

For the comprehensive list of settings and features checkout the module's wiki.

Watch a short feature showcase on YouTube:

Watch the video

Watch a video guide to help setup main module features:

You can support me on Patreon. In addition to helping me to continue working on FoundryVTT modules you will be granted access to a selection of pre-configured animated overlays to be used along with this module:

"Animated Overlays"


Image to User mappings

Images displayed in the Token HUD can be Shift-Right clicked to open a window that allows you to map an image to be displayed to a specific user.

"User Image Mapping"


Pop-up and Randomizer override

By Shift+Left-clicking the Token HUD button you are able to override certain module features for the specific token/actor.

"Setting Override"


Global and Actor Mappings

The module allows for application of token configurations, running of scripts, display of overlays, and more based on conditions defined via expressions. The mapping menu is accessed by:

Actor Mappings

  • Shift-Left Clicking the Toggle Visibility State, Assign Status Effects, or Toggle Combat State buttons on the Token HUD
  • Right-clicking the newly added TVA button on the Token HUD and selecting Effect Config

Global Mappings

  • Using the Shift+G shortcut
  • Going to module settings and selecting Global Effect Configurations under Active Effects
  • Selecting Open Global header button from the Actor Mappings form


  • Label is just a descriptor for your benefit
  • Expression is the condition that will trigger configurations on the right-side of the entry to be executed:
    • Image if set will update the token image
    • Config will apply Token Configuration or Run a Script
    • Overlay will display and Image, Text, or Shape on the token
  • Always On will make the Expression always evaluate as true
  • Disable will make the Expression always evaluate as false
  • Group places mappings under the same header allowing them to be Disabled en masse and collapsed.



  • Accepted Operators:

    • && ( logical AND)
    • || (logical OR)
    • ! (escaped logical NOT)
    • ( (escaped open bracket to group expressions)
    • ) (escaped closed bracket to group expressions)
  • Accepted hp and Token property Comparators:

    • = (equal)
    • < (less than)
    • > (greater than)
    • <= (less than or equal)
    • >= (greater than or equal)
    • <> (lesser or greater than)
  • Accepted wildcards

    • *
    • { }
Examples of valid expressions:
  • Flying
  • Dead && Burning
  • Flying && ! ( Prone || Dead )
  • hp<=50%
  • name="Raging Barbarian"
  • lockRotation="true"
  • flags.token-variants.test="true"
  • Exhaustion *
  • Exhaustion {1,2,3}
Special Effect Names:
  • token-variants-combat : Actives when Token is in combat
  • combat-turn : Activates when it's Token's turn in combat
  • combat-turn-next : Actives when Token is next in the initiative order


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