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Welcome to the dungeon that never ends! It goes on and on my friends!

If that little tune sent your mind into a dreadful panic then just imagine what a descent into the Goblin Explorer's Endless Dungeon will do to your players. In this free pack you'll get access to 15 beautiful, hand-drawn maps that make up the beginning of @Matt | TheGoblinExplorer#9128's endless dungeon series. Your players will find their way into this seemingly normal dungeon only to find that no matter how deep they go: there is no end.

The Goblin Explorer's Endless Dungeon Banner
The Goblin Explorer creates the Endless Dungeon, a never-ending downward spiral with no end in sight.

You can flex your creative muscles and lead your players through a prison floor covered with long expired convicts, into a flooded catacomb, across a dungeon breached by flowing lava, and into temples, spider dens, a wizard's manor, and even to an underground Elven tree with a mystical aura. Your trip can be a long connected story or a never ending and inescapable nightmarish monster of the week slog.

No matter how you want to use these maps they'll be sure to draw your players in and if you'd like more maps in this style or to create your own floors of the endless dungeon be sure to subscribe to The Goblin Explorer on Patreon where you can find even more maps and a bunch of his hand-designed assets that are available in both PNG and DungeonDraft files, as well as collaborations with a bunch of other great creators.

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