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The Red Opera

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Systems Dnd5e
Dependencies Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
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The Red Opera premium content for Foundry Virtual Tabletop was made available to Kickstarter backers but is not otherwise available to purchase.

Welcome to the Red Opera

Warlocks from across the planes have made their pilgrimage to the north, where the veil between worlds runs thin and the hidden ones offer their guidance at a price. Power, wealth, and fame are easy enough to gain elsewhere, but in the great City of Yon’Cath—true secrets await. So we invite you, no matter your background, or how much hate rests in your heart, to join us in the Shadelands. Come see magnificence with your very eyes, and know what a kingdom ruled by Warlocks has brought into your world.

After all, the only way to learn our secrets is to heed our call. Welcome to The Red Opera.

The ShadelandsThe Red Opera: Last Days of The Warlock is an extensive, player-driven campaign and setting designed for 5th edition. Drawing inspiration from the DiAmorte heavy metal album of the same name and centered upon the oft-overlooked and much-misunderstood class: Warlocks. Does this mean, you wonder, that all its players must be Warlocks and serve infernal and aberrative masters to partake of the story's wonders? No, no... certainly not. All are welcome in the Shadelands.

This adventure includes ten main adventure acts, ten sidequests, and new Warlock subclasses, Patrons, and races. The all new setting of the Shadelands features the Warlock ruled city of Yon’Cath with ten key story locations, numerous secondary locations, and includes new unique characters, enemies, magic items, a full Orchestral Soundtrack included and much more!

In this campaign setting, we’ve created an extremely metal-themed epic-saga where the players determine the final fate of the Shadelands. A place where the veil between elemental planes runs thin and Patrons can whisper directly with members of all classes, not just Warlocks. Here, the Accursed King sits on a throne, delicately balancing deals with nearly every patron--but his grip on reality is starting to fray. While cities ruled by Wizards, Clerics, and Paladins are common, a war-torn city where Warlocks have sought refuge is rare indeed.

The Red Opera provides storytellers and players a look into this relationship between Warlock and Patron, and opens it up so anyone can wield their power. Using this, explore the hidden agendas of those Patrons who aren’t yet strong enough to be gods, or help young warlocks avoid losing their souls before its too late.

We’ve created The Red Opera in such a way that it will fit into your existing campaign world; no matter which setting you are running. The 10-act full-length saga is suitable for all tiers of play, including the rare all level 20 game; yet easily scaled down for 1st tier play, too. Most importantly, we’ve truly embraced player agency and thus have given the campaign multiple endings. Because of this, The Red Opera can be run multiple times--with each playthrough feeling truly fresh and unique.

Not only can you play through the Shadelands but you can bring some of it to the real world with a number of included recipes that you can prepare for game day so your players can truly get into character.

This Adventures Includes

  • A sprawling ten part story with just as many side quests that can be experienced on its own or integrated into existing campaigns
  • Over 200 cross-linked journal entries for ease of use with custom styling and beautiful imagery to show off to your players
  • Spectacularly rendered images of the Shadelands and many important locations across the adventure
  • 30 pre-walled and lit scenes covering all of the important moments
  • 85 unique NPCs ranging from the guards to powerful warlocks and vampires and even some extra-planar beings and gods
  • 5 brand new warlock subclasses and races with original features and spells for totally unique characters that will add features to your character sheet automatically as you level
  • 10 epic songs that cover every stage of the story so you always have the perfect soundtrack
  • 12 rollable tables for Shadelander and Yon'Cathian characters as well as anomalies, books, deadly encounters, and arcane effects


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